The Pros and Cons of Competition in Modern Society

Every society is guided by a whole system of values that guides its development. A modern system of social values cannot be considered complete without competition, no matter how strange it may sound. Practically everyone in the modern world cannot imagine their development without competition with other members of society. Let’s try to understand in our essay writer if competition is so necessary for modern society.

What is the role of competition in modern society?

The canons of development of modern society stipulate that everyone must be in a hurry, and invariably in all spheres of life. This is why many of us are subject to constant stress because we don’t give ourselves an opportunity to rest from the constant race and competition with others – our relatives, friends, colleagues. But is competition and competition really necessary for modern society? The following arguments are usually given in favor of the cult of competition:

  1. It is a stimulant of personal growth and development. It is still quite popular to say that it is impossible to reach the desired career heights without the constant comparison of one’s successes. It is a competition that is a kind of stimulus for the constant acquisition of new knowledge and skills.
  2. It is necessary to find the most optimal solutions to problems. Many modern technologies of developing working relationships use the method of competition to find the most effective solutions to work problems. Therefore, competition is a kind of stimulus for career development.
  3. It stimulates the development of not only internal spheres of human life. It is not a secret that competition is an excellent stimulus for the development of the economy in the first place. Many companies are constantly competing with each other to offer only the best products and services to their clients. As a result, our quality of life has become much better, although sometimes this competition has negative consequences.

Thus, competition is still an effective tool for development, not only for each member of society but also for society as a whole.

But is competition really necessary?

The constant race for the title of the best has a negative effect on the inner state of every person. According to experts, because of such a relentless race, each of us is subject to stress, sleep deprivation, and other negative influences. Because of this, instead of satisfactory results and enjoyment of achieving our goals, we experience dissatisfaction with our lives. Competition may be good for companies and businesses, but it is highly undesirable for the average person.

In addition, competition is more likely to have a destructive effect on the formation and development of human relationships. Because each of us is constantly being confronted with one another, there is no time to find our calling, because a lot of time is spent on figuring out relationships and proving one another’s advantages. Therefore, the question arises whether competition is so necessary for the development of modern society – its influence is rather difficult to call positive.