What Are the Parts of a Research Paper?

Many of the students are not sure about what are the parts of a research paper. This is a common error made by students because they do not know what are the basic things to be included in their papers and what are the important points that they should focus on. There are many papers which are produced in every year from every university. All these papers are different from each other and contain different topics. In order to get an average result from a research paper, you will have to read the entire paper and understand all the different aspects.

1. Introduction

This is the most important part of the paper. This will allow you to gain the readers’ attention because this is the part which will act as your thesis statement. When writing an introduction, you need to include your thesis statement, which is your point about the main topic. You can include different topics, and different points but the main topic should always remain your main point.

2. Discuss the main topic

Secondly, the body of your paper should discuss the main topic in details. You should use different paragraphs to explain different aspects which are related to the main topic. The body will help the readers understand what you have written. Do not forget to include the conclusion part which is also called the after-point.

3. Conclusion

The third part is the conclusions or the conclusion. This is the most important part of your paper, because it helps you to learn and adapt to different situations. Different people have different views about the main topic. You should write about what other people think and how they compare to your own point. It is important to justify your points and make clear what are the consequences of your main topic.

Those are just some simple tips on what are the parts of a research paper? You should know that a proper structure is very important to read and understand papers. Furthermore, having a good outline will help you learn easier. The main topic, the paper structure, the paper ends, and what are the parts of a research paper are just some tips on what are the parts of a research paper.